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Fun Boudoir Session Ideas

There are so many types of boudoir sessions you can do and *surprise* sexy boudoir isn’t your only option. You can choose to do a modest or casual boudoir session using more clothes than lingerie or you could get totally crazy and do something silly and fun. Point is, your boudoir session is about YOU and expressing your authentic self in a way that makes you feel your sexiest.

Kelsey’s session is the perfect example of how flirty and fun boudoir can be just as sexy as those that are more revealing. For her shoot, she decided she wanted some really fun images in clothing and we even used a few everyday props to mix things up a bit.

Here are some fun boudoir session ideas you can use if you want to be a little more playful than sassy.

Fully or Partially Clothed Boudoir

You don’t have to wear all lingerie at your boudoir shoot, we can put a sexy spin on being fully or partially clothed by showing a bit of skin here or there. For one of her outfits, Kelsey chose black jeans and a white long sleeve with an open back to show off her kick-ass tattoo. In another, she wore a lacey black bralette that is casual and fun.

Try wearing your favorite dress, blouse, or going out outfit. Even pajamas or a nightshirt can be fun and sexy!

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Creative Boudoir Props

Props are a great way to add a little fun and personality to your boudoir shoot! You can easily add everyday objects into your session that reflect something you or your partner loves. Kelsey threw on a denim button-up, her glasses, and grabbed a coffee mug to recreate a sexier “just woke up” vibe.

If you’re doing your shoot specifically for your partner, you can also incorporate props related to his job or a favorite hobby. For example, if he’s a firefighter borrow his suspenders or equipment. If he loves to fish, borrow his fishing pole and tackle box. There are so many fun props you can bring to give your session a little flair and excitement!

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Best Boudoir Props

Playful Boudoir Poses

Try some playful poses like whipping your hair back and forth, blowing a kiss, or making a funny face. Not every shot has to be serious and sultry! During your session, I’ll help guide you through different poses but feel free to dance around, jump on the bed, or do something silly – whatever your heart desires!

Fun Boudoir Pose Ideas

Smiling And Laughing Boudoir Faces

I firmly believe boudoir should be sexy but also include a few smiles here and there. I hear from many hubby’s that their favorite images included some smiles. Of course, they love the super sexy ones as well!! Don’t be afraid to smile or laugh during your boudoir shoot and show your bubbly, playful side.

Boudoir With Food Or Drinks

I’m not talking about your typical strawberries and whip cream boudoir shoot. Remember Khloe Kardashian’s candy bath during season 4 of Keeping Up With The Kardashians or The Shah’s Of Sunset Flaming Hot Cheetoh bath scene? LOL Picture yourself all dressed up in lingerie surrounded by your favorite junk food – like pizza or Taco Bell. How hilariously sexy (and funny) is that?!

Kelsey had fun popping a bottle of champagne during her shoot and her black holey jeans and lacey lingerie top were giving off some major laid-back sexy vibes. The best part about incorporating food or drinks into your boudoir shoot is getting to snack on it throughout your session.

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Food Boudoir Photography

Food Boudoir Photography with Champagne

Boudoir Can Be Sexy, Fun, Or A Little Bit Of Both

No matter what your personality is or how you choose to portray yourself during your boudoir shoot, you can still have fun and be sexy because “sexy” is whatever you say it is. I had so much fun shooting Kelsey’s session because it was playful and authentic to her personality.

Thinking about doing a fun boudoir shoot? Check out some of my other creative sessions for inspiration!

Sexy and Fun Boudoir Pose Ideas

Boudoir Pose With Grey Lingerie