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10 Black Boudoir Outfits Under $50

One of the questions I get asked a lot is “what to wear for your boudoir session?” My answer usually varies depending on personality and body type, but my go-to color recommendation is normally good ole black 😜It looks good on everyone and black lingerie can easily double as a sexy Halloween outfit if you’re a little more daring!

Today I’m going to share with you a few of my favorite black lingerie looks that are under $50. These black lingerie looks are all amazing options for your boudoir shoot and can easily be made into a really sexy Halloween number with little accessories. So, that heaven and hell party, I got you covered on the hell side. 😉

If you are anything like me then you may be trying to pick out your outfit for that last-minute Halloween party or trying to figure out what to wear for your upcoming boudoir shoot. Don’t worry, I got you girl! Half of these options are going to be coming from Amazon prime, so heck yes for one-day shipping!

Here are my 10 favorite black lingerie outfits for your boudoir shoot or Halloween costume.

Black Boudoir Outfits Under $50

1. Black Lace Bodysuit With Plunging Neck


This sexy little number is perfect for your boudoir session because it has small areas of see-through lace, and with posing would be a perfect pick for your first time boudoir session. What I also love about this bodysuit, is it is not too revealing, so you could play up the bodysuit with posing to get sexier looks when doing your boudoir photoshoot. (Don’t worry I pose you!)

For Halloween: It could easily be made into a sexy witch outfit since it already covers the needed bits. Try adding a leather mini skirt or some high rise black jeans with a witches hat!

Black Boudoir Outfits Under $50

2. Strappy Boudoir Look – Black Teddy Lingerie


I love this strappy, sheer lace bodysuit. The straps overlaying the underwire bra are perfect for accentuating smaller breasts, but according to reviews is a knockout for ladies who are more well endowed. At 16.99 and being Amazon Prime, this would be gorgeous for all body shapes from petite- curvy.

For Halloween: Simply add nipple covers, undies or shorts, cute cat ears and a tail for a sexy black cat!

3. Deep V-Neck Sheer Babydoll Lace Lingerie


This lacy, sheer baby doll has an amazing plunging neckline. This is an affordable option for those who might want to cover up a bit more while still wearing some really sexy lingerie. This sheer number is perfect for a boudoir shoot for any body shape since the fabric is sheer enough not to add weight, but a thick enough material to hide small imperfections such as stretch marks.

For Halloween: When wearing this sheer babydoll out for Halloween costume, I would recommend pairing it with boob tape to hold in the girls or nipple covers and little spandex shorts for under. Just break out the Halloween white and black body paints and add some “bones” on your chest and paint half your face to create a sexy Skelton look!

Sporty Boudoir Outfit | Boudoir Outfit Ideas Under $50 | Alexandra Jo Flower Mound, TX Boudoir

4. Sporty Boudoir Lingerie Outfit


You can never go wrong with bringing your Calvin Klein’s to your boudoir shoot. I love being able to shoot a more relaxed vibe especially if that meshes with your personality more! (And yes, sporty is sexy!)

For Halloween: I would recommend wearing a Calvin Klein bra with spandex shorts or exercise shorts and a robe to be a ‘sexy boxer’. Plus with this one – you can wear your tennis shoes out!

10 Black Halloween-Inspired Boudoir Outfits Under $50 | Alexandra Jo Photography

5. Lace, Button-Up Boudoir Outfit

| SIZES: 0-12

This ASOS bodysuit is so unique and completely sexy even though the material is not see-through. It reminds me of an old-world corset mixed into a bodysuit. Imagine wearing this to your boudoir session! Unbuttoning a few of the hook and eye closures would amp up the sexy!

For Halloween: I would recommend adding a black top hat, A cropped black blazer and a short tulle skirt to dress up as a burlesque dancer!

similar (2023)

10 Black Halloween-Inspired Boudoir Outfits Under $50 | Alexandra Jo Photography

6. Black Stripe Sheer Lace Bodysuit

| SIZES: 30A-38D

I love the sheer contrast with the dark black lines of this sexy asos bodysuit. When wearing stripes, I always recommend wearing vertical stripes for your boudoir session. Vertical stripes lengthen your body, and who doesn’t want to look taller rather than wider?

For Halloween: This bodysuit would be super cute with a black and white striped blazer that covers your booty to do a lingerie version of Beetle Juice. Add a fun wig and some crazy makeup and you are set!

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7. Black Floral Bodysuit With Cut-Outs


This pretty floral bodysuit has a high neck top with various cutouts that show off your underboob and ribs! I would recommend this for s sexy, feminine boudoir option for a petite lady with a B-C cup size.

For Halloween: I would recommend pairing this with a long black tulle skirt with some volume and a colonial-style wig to be a lingerie version of Mary Antoinette!

10 Black Halloween-Inspired Boudoir Outfits Under $50 | Alexandra Jo Photography

8. Long Sleeve Sheer Mesh Bodysuit


This sheer bodysuit has a fun geometric pattern overlay that is the perfect amount of sexy while still having sheer coverage. For a boudoir shoot, this bodysuit would look amazing on all body types from petite-plus! For a sexier look, I would recommend your birthday suit only under. But, if you prefer a more covered look, then for a petite frame I would add a black, plain push up bra + a thin strap plain thong. For a curvy frame, I would recommend similarly, but opt for a thicker cut plain black panty that does not dig in.

For Halloween: This sheer set would make a super cute ‘cat’ costume by simply adding a bra, undies, a tail, and some cute ears!

10 Black Halloween-Inspired Boudoir Outfits Under $50 | Alexandra Jo Photography

9. Long-Sleeved Keyhole Teddy and Thigh-High Stockings

| SIZE: One-Size Fits Most

This long sleeve opaque, criss cross bodysuit and thigh highs are perfect for a moody boudoir photoshoot. I love how it covers like a bra & panties, but is a one piece. I would recommend this set for a petite build sizes S-M since the garment is one size.

For Halloween: I would recommend adding some vampire teeth and salty makeup for an automatic sexy vampire.

Collared Black Lace Bustier And Garter Set Boudoir Outfit

10. Collared Lace Bustier And Garter Skirt Set


This lace bustier comes with a gartered lace skirt perfect for an edgy, but feminine boudoir look. This look will look wonderful on petite- plus. For curvier silhouettes, I’d recommend solid higher waisted thong or briefs.

For Halloween: Pair the bustier with shorts or put spandex shorts under the gartered skirt and add some bunny ears and a little puff for a tail!

10. Black Floral Devore Lace Trim Maxi Dress


This sheer lace maxi dress is a stunning feminine boudoir look. This look will look wonderful on petite- plus. For curvier silhouettes, I’d recommend solid higher waisted thong or briefs that are not to tight under.

For Halloween: Pair the a bodysuit under and add a witch hat and cape for the perfect look.

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10 Black Boudoir Outfits Under $50 | Boudoir Outfit Ideas 2019 | Alexandra Jo Photography