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Judgement. Boudoir Truth or Myth?

“I will be judged if I do a boudoir photoshoot.”

If you’re worried about your friends or family judging you for  posing for boudoir, keep reading.
If you’re worried about your spouse judging you read on.
If you’re worried about me judging you. – hell no girl!
Or maybe, just maybe, it’s you judging yourself for boudoir. 

Will I be judged for posing for boudoir?

My question for you is WHO are you concerned about judging you? And why?

Yes, boudoir is personal. Boudoir feels vulnerable (even though it’s really fun and not near as sexy or hard as people imagine- the photos look sexy…but the process is just simply fun!) Yes, boudoir has a sensual element to it. Just for that fact, you may be wondering if you will be judged for doing your own boudoir session. Boudoir may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you have been thinking about it, I can promise you don’t need to be worried about judgment in our studio.

I can promise you that you will not be judged by our all female team, for any reason! I love helping women feel beautiful in the body they have. The women you see on these pages are real people, like you. Life is too short to not embrace it. We spend way too much time on negatives, at our session we focus on what makes you feel confident and create an amazing gift for you or your loved one.


Your photos are private.

You get to choose who knows about your session, who sees your images, and your images are private unless you choose to share! You don’t even need to tell anyone about your session if you don’t want to! A lot of ladies choose to share photos with their friends, loved ones, or let us share some, but who gets to see your images are 100 up to you! We actually even delete un-picked images after your proofing session. (Yay for even more privacy!) Now, I do have to say, I do know you won’t be ashamed if someone did happen to find your album in your room – you might even be secretly happy your friend got to see you looking oh so amazing!


Posing Matters.

Boudoir has gotten a bit of a bad rep from some “photographers” and some poses that in my opinion are and should not be called boudoir. Classy, strategic posing based on your body-type is essential to feeling amazing, and not judged when doing boudoir. Some poses, are not classy. Some poses don’t work for all bodies. So good, classy posing WILL help you feel less judged. Don’t worry, I’ll tell you exactly what to do. I’m a past model, and have posed ladies of all shapes and sizes. My goal for every single one of you, is to help you feel prettier and more confident when you leave. Boudoir helped me at a time when I was vulnerable, and reminded me that I wasn’t ugly, but actually wonderfully made, even if I didn’t love every bit of me. It was a stop on my journey to learning to love myself more.


Clothing Matters!

Your photos can be done fully clothed, more conservative styles or in sexy lingerie. Your boudoir shoot is about helping you love yourself more. When you are happy with your outfits, styling, and posing you won’t be ashamed of your photos. You will be wanting to show everyone. (Maybe you won’t choose to, but girl, you won’t be ashamed or judging yourself!)

I love shooting a mix of outfits. I’d say my favorite shoot overall would start with an outfit, a strip tease into the lingerie, and end with sheets! Can’t get any classier + sexy at the same time! In our studio, we love when you bring your own items, but you for sure do not have to!

We have a full lingerie studio, and your boudoir session includes clothing or lingerie that you can use + take home with you.


You don’t have to BE sexy or LOVE everything about you.

I know a lot of you are thinking… I’m not sexy. And are internally judging yourself for thinking maybe you could look like that. But you can.  If your’e worried about judgment with posing for boudoir, that’s our job, not yours- all you have to do is show up and have fun! Posing is more like a game of Simon says + movement. I’ll show and tell you just what to do, simple and easy! It’s a big, ugly lie you have to have a certain body to do boudoir. NOT TRUE. Any body type, age, and imperfection is allowable for boudoir, no judgement zone. We will play up your emotional & physical strengths!

  • Professional hair and makeup plays up your natural beauty, and honestly helps remind each of us we can look like a model version of us.
  • The right outfits will make you feel empowered, pretty, and oh so amazing.
  • Then, seeing your images – that looks classy, sexy, pretty, and like a model version of YOU will prove to yourself that YOU are those other women. You may not always feel sexy, cute, or put together. But, you absolutely are. So, stop judging yourself before you even try.


Maybe you’re worried about OTHER people judging you.

You may be worried about what others might say. Let me let you in on a BIG secret.

I see Pastor’s Wife’s in my studio. Teachers. Doctors. Surgeons. Lawyers. Super religious girlies and non-religious. My bet is a lot more ladies have done boudoir that you have NO clue ever would have even thought about it. 🙂 

First off,  if YOU love your hair, makeup, clothing, and posing. You won’t have anything to be ashamed of. My guess is you will be proud to show them your images. I’ve been shooting boudoir for a long time. And girl, I understand judgement when it comes to boudoir from others. I started shooting boudoir when it wasn’t “popular”…In a small town midwest town. Shooting boudoir was “dirty”, even though I made sure to shoot very pretty photos that were nothing close to that word. I remember getting asked to help with charities, but they were sure not to name me, because I shot “boudoir”. Fast forward 8 years, and boudoir is very popular. Many women have started to understand what it is and isn’t. So I understand your concern. Know, my goal is create a session you will love, and feel so confident in your photos that, well, you won’t care about them. Or, you will be telling them to come get their own photos done. 😛

So, to sum it up: We are an all female team! We won’t judge you! Our goal is to help you feel beautiful and create amazing images you can cherish for yourself. Boudoir with the right team, posing, outfits, stying won’t make you feel ashamed or judged. You will love the outcome and if you choose to share we are sure they be will be thrilled as you will be.