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16 Boudoir Photo Props And Ideas

There’s nothing wrong with heading to your boudoir shoot with what little clothes you plan to have on, but some girls like to spice things up and bring boudoir props and accessories to their session.

Dressing up in costume or incorporating props into your boudoir shoot is a fun way to show off your personality or act out a fantasy for your partner. Since it’s Halloween today, I thought it would be fun to share the different ways my clients have used everyday objects and outfits to make their boudoir sessions extra special. Boudoir props can also give you more posing ideas to work with.

Here are some boudoir prop ideas and boudoir outfit ideas you can try at your own boudoir photography session!

1. Faux Fur Blanket

A soft fur blanket is one of the best boudoir props to use for an effortlessly sexy look. Some posing ideas you can try are to lay on the fur blanket, drape it around your body, or hang it off the bed as you’re leaning against it. It’s the perfect accessory for a fall boudoir session.

2. Fur Stool

Another way to incorporate faux fur into your boudoir shoot is by using fur-covered furniture. Fur stools add a little extra detail to the shot and are much warmer to sit on than a cold metal barstool. 😜

3. Fringe Lingerie

For the ultimate bohemian boudoir session, this fringe lingerie outfit is the perfect accessory for ladies who are free-spirited and have an eclectic style.

4. Wicker Egg Chair

Another great boho-chic boudoir prop idea – a wicker egg chair, cane back chair, peacock chair, or bamboo chair. These furniture pieces are typically in natural wood colors and are a great alternative to antique chairs if you like a little more modern eclectic look.

5. Pinup Boudoir Hair And Makeup

Sometimes you don’t even need an actual prop to accomplish a specific boudoir style. Pinup waves and bold red lipstick instantly give off a classy, vintage vibe.

6. Fishnet Tights

Channel your inner bad girl and throw on some fishnet tights for your boudoir session. They instantly give you an edgy look and are so sexy. For Kari’s session, we styled her fishnet tights with a white crop top t-shirt for an IDGAF vibe. Fishnet tights are also flattering on every body type because they are made out of stretchy material – just make sure to get the right size so they don’t dig into your skin!

7. Antique Furniture And Decor

A longtime favorite item for boudoir shoots, boudoir furniture gives your session a classy, old-world vibe. The use of antique sofas, chairs, and beds make for an irresistibly romantic scene. Vintage styling elements like the ornate wood frames on one of the walls at my Flower Mound, TX boudoir studio are a subtle way to incorporate a prop into your boudoir session.

8. Flowers

Who doesn’t love a flower wall?! Try adding a dramatic floral element to your boudoir session for a soft, feminine look. Florals are also great for bridal boudoir shoots because they set a soft, romantic mood, reminiscent of your wedding day.

9. Jewelry

Jewelry is a simple, easy accessory you can add to your boudoir shoot. You can wear them in addition to your lingerie or even with nothing at all. Long necklaces highlight your cleavage and body jewelry that wraps around your stomach or thighs is very sensual and sexy.

Boudoir Jewelry Accessories | Flower Mound Boudoir Studio
Boudoir Jewelry Accessories | Flower Mound Boudoir Studio

10. Men’s Button-Down Shirt

Another classic boudoir outfit choice is a man’s button-down shirt. There’s something that’s so sexy about a woman wearing her man’s shirt. For that girl-next-door vibe, you’ll actually want to buy a women’s button-down shirt in a size or two larger than what you normally wear. It will fit you better than your guy’s shirt and hug your curves in all the right places.

11. Sequin Lingerie

For the bold girls who aren’t afraid to sparkle, sequin lingerie is a fun, playful boudoir outfit choice. You can go bright, like Mariah’s gold sequin boudoir outfit or more subtle like Lexi’s black rainbow sequin bodysuit.

12. Firefighter or Uniform

Grab his firefighter uniform, suspenders, and boots and strategically place them on your body for a sexy boudoir outfit idea. Wearing your husband’s uniform during your boudoir session makes for a great gift idea too!

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13. Sheets

Bedroom boudoir is classic and probably the first thing that comes to mind when you think of boudoir photography. Sheets are an essential boudoir prop that makes getting naked a little less scary. If you’re going for a classy, simple look then stick to white sheets. If you’re feeling a little more daring and wild, try black or red satin sheets. For a more playful vibe, you can try these pink velvet sheets or a fun printed sheet!

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14. Sports Jersey

For sports lovers, wear you or your hunny’s favorite jersey or t-shirt. Add in props like knee-highs, a football, basketball, or other sports gear to take things up a notch.

15. Items From Your Wedding Wardrobe

Wearing your veil, garter, or wedding night lingerie during your boudoir session is a sexy, romantic way to celebrate your engagement, wedding, or anniversary. Bridal boudoir shoots make for a perfect anniversary gift for your hunny so consider bringing these bridal boudoir props to your session:

  • Veil
  • Garter
  • Wedding lingerie
  • Wedding Robe
  • Shoes
  • Wedding jewelry
  • Wedding Dress

16. Themed Boudoir Photos

Another boudoir outfit and prop idea is to do a themed boudoir shoot where you dress up in a costume, like this sexy pirate-themed boudoir shoot I did at Pensacola beach. This is the ultimate way to act out your hunny’s fantasy or dress up as your favorite character! Themed boudoir shoots are so fun to do and I love helping you plan your session.

Sexy Pirate Boudoir
Mermaid Inspired Boudoir Shoot

Boudoir props, accessories, and special outfits are meant to enhance your photoshoot and show off your personality but don’t stress too much about coming up with ideas! My lingerie and boudoir studio closet has a ton of options for you to choose from and I can always help you style your boudoir shoot and pick out something that’s perfect!

What props or accessories would you want to include in your boudoir shoot?!