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The Perfect Christmas Gift For The Man Who Has Everything

It’s that time of the year again. The leaves are falling and the air is getting crisp but temperatures are rising at my Flower Mound, TX and Wichita, KS boudoir studio as women start planning their Christmas boudoir sessions. The Christmas season is just around the corner and boudoir photography is the perfect gift for the man in your life who has everything.

I love this season: the parties with friends, the food, the cute outfits, the shopping, and of course the Christmas gift-giving with family. I absolutely love Christmas shopping for my sisters, gal friends, and mom. I immediately know when they will like something, but when it comes to the hubby, my mind draws a blank. My husband is the type of man that if he wants something, he goes ahead and buys it.

And I don’t even bother asking him what he wants, because “No hunny, you don’t need another Raptor… and it’s not an option for me not to gift you anything!” Ask anyone that knows him, he is THE HARDEST person to buy for.

So, whenever it comes time to try and find a gift for him, I always spend a long time trying to create a sentimental gift that, well, money can’t buy. Or I make sure whatever gift I purchase for my husband can have a personal twist to it!

I know I’m not the only one with a hard to buy for husband. But, I’m here to help you! The easiest gift for your hard to buy for husband is YOU!

Boudoir photography is the perfect Christmas gift for your man who has everything. This is the one gift that he won’t get tired of! AND on top of that, there are so many creative ways to gift Boudoir photos that honestly, you could do it every year and he would still love it every. single. time.

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Here are 5 reasons your husband who has everything will LOVE boudoir photos as his Christmas gift!

Boudoir Christmas Lingerie | Christmas Boudoir Specials Flower Mound, TX

Christmas Boudoir Session Flower Mound, TX

Christmas Boudoir Specials Flower Mound, TX


1.) Shows Appreciation For Him

Boudoir photos are the perfect Christmas gift because well..what husband is going to say he doesn’t want super sexy photos of the woman he loves!?!? (And he isn’t allowed to get tired of you 😜) Every husband loves to get the reminder that you appreciate him and this is one way to show him you do!

PRO TIP: Have him do the 5 love languages quiz and figure out what is top love language is! Then, for example, say ‘words of affirmation’ is at the top of his quiz results— a boudoir photo album is a perfect excuse to write a love letter to remind him how much you love him!

Christmas Boudoir Photo Album 2019 | Alexandra Jo Photography

2.) Boudoir Photos Are A Gift That Keeps On Giving

There are SO many ways to print boudoir photos for Christmas! Gorgeous linen lay flat albums, loose prints hidden away in a gorgeous box that can sit on his nightstand, large boudoir artwork that can be hung in your bathroom or his closet. He is going to love waking up each morning, getting dressed and being able to have that visual reminder of how SEXY and AWESOME his wife is! Plus so many more options.

Christmas Boudoir Photo Prints

3.) It’s A Stress-Free, Stress-Reliever For Both Of You

A Christmas Boudoir session at my luxury studio near Flower Mound, TX or Wichita, KS is STRESS-FREE. Your boudoir session with me is an experience that helps you to feel like a model. That experience includes styling beforehand and, get this, you do not even need to go shopping for outfits as we already have a studio closet filled with lingerie in your size! You are styled off your body type, get professional hair and makeup done and then get professionally posed.

After the session, you get to enjoy a nice, relaxing massage while I proof your images and then you get to view and order your images the same day. So no late-night Googling for hours trying to find the perfect gift or taking multiple days out of your week to find, buy, and then wrap his gift.

So, I’ll let you in on a little secret, this Christmas gift for your husband ends up being the perfect holiday stress reliever…and the perfect gift for the man who has everything.

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Christmas Boudoir Photoshoot Ideas

Christmas Boudoir Outfit Ideas

4.) Boudoir Photos Are A Unique Christmas Gift Idea

Since boudoir is for his eyes only, he will love the thoughtful unique gift that is just for him. Also, during the Christmas chaos, this gift offers the perfect excuse for a little alone time with your hubby to gift this special gift he won’t forget.

5.) Boudoir Photos Will Last Forever

Don’t you hate buying a gift for someone that breaks within a few uses or wasn’t the right size or fit? Ick. SO annoying. Photos from a boudoir shoot won’t be something you look back on and regret giving to him. With each passing year, photos last. Heck, I’m sure you will be bragging about these photos when you’re old and wrinkly.  😉

So, when buying for the man who has everything…gift yourself! 😘 The one thing he won’t (or better not!!) get tired of!

Christmas Boudoir Photoshoot Flower Mound, TX

Christmas Boudoir Photo Poses

Christmas Boudoir Photo Album

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The Perfect Gift For The Man Who Has Everything