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Sexy Pirate Theme Boudoir

Boudoir may mean bedroom but this sexy pirate-themed photoshoot taken on Pensacola beach proves that boudoir photos can be taken just about anywhere! Themed boudoir photos like these are some of my favorite sessions to plan and shoot because I have to get a little more creative and think outside the box.

They are also a fun way for you to show off your personality or act out a fantasy. We shot both a sexy pirate-themed look as well as an ethereal, mermaid-esque look for this styled boudoir session from my editorial photography days back in 2011.

Because tradition isn’t for everyone, I love sharing fun, creative boudoir ideas like this pirate one, to help you plan your own themed boudoir shoot. And because it’s National Pirate Day, I’m including some Pirates Of The Carribean Gifs to help narrate.

*This sexy pirate-themed boudoir shoot on Pensacola beach will have you saying “Captain Jack Sparrow, who???”*

How to pick the right photographer for your themed boudoir photoshoot

Sexy Pirate Outfit For Boudoir Photos

Themed boudoir sessions are like a styled photoshoot – but with less clothing. It takes a lot more preparation and planning than a traditional boudoir session so it’s important to find a photographer who is creative and organized.

When I first started my photography business, I focused on working with fashion designers, magazine publications, and TV shows so styling photo shoots and posing models was a big part of my job.

Themed boudoir sessions bring back all those memories of working in high-editorial photography and I love helping you turn your wildest ideas (or fantasies in this case!) into reality – even if it means dragging a 4-poster bed to the beach and assembling it in the sand.

Choosing a boudoir theme

Sexy Pirate Boudoir

There’s lots of room to play around when it comes to choosing a theme or style for your own boudoir shoot. For this boudoir concept that I shot back in 2011, I was inspired by a pirate-themed shoot that Boudoir Divas had done. I already had the perfect model in mind, as she had a pirate tattoo around her belly.

Think of something that you really love or like to do. Your favorite movie or hobby, a time period you love, or even your favorite style of clothing can all be great inspiration for your shoot.

Choosing A Boudoir Theme GIF

*Considering how to incorporate your favorite hobby into a boudoir shoot*

If you’re doing it as a gift for your partner, use his favorite things or act out one of his biggest fantasies. Yes, like when Rachel Greene dressed up as Princess Leia for Ross on that episode of Friends. You can also do a career-themed boudoir shoot and pose with his uniform or tools. For example if he’s a firefighter, use his suspenders to cover your breasts and hold an axe.

Themed Boudoir Photo Faces

*You acting out your husband’s fantasy during your boudoir shoot*

Pick a semi-private location for your themed boudoir shoot

For this outdoor beach boudoir shoot, I chose a side of the beach that I knew didn’t get many visitors. Lots of people around wouldn’t have made my model uncomfortable, but it probably would you. If you’re doing your boudoir shoot outside, it may not be possible to find a location that is 100% private but at least try to find an area with a little less traffic. Unless you don’t mind putting on a peep show. 😉

Outdoor Themed Boudoir Idea

Also, take into consideration outfit changes and hair and makeup. You’ll want to have a space to get ready and change so scope out nearby bathrooms/hotels or bring blankets to hang on the window of your car. I’m a pretty good body blocker but you probably want a little more privacy than me dancing around you while you change haha!

Outdoor pirate-themed boudoir shoot GIF

Planning your themed boudoir shoot

Pirate Themed Boudoir Shoot On Beach

For this shoot, I took advantage of the amazing thrift and antique stores in the Pensacola area. I found a four-poster bed, box spring, and sheets for the sail. The amazing hair and makeup team worked their magic on our model and the model provided the perfect pirate boudoir lingerie.

Turning the beach into an outdoor bedroom was no easy task! We had to carry the bed in pieces onto the beach and then assemble it in the sand. After the shoot, we had to take it all apart and carry it back to the car. If you’ve ever put together any piece of furniture, you know a few cuss words were definitely said lol.

While planning for your own boudoir shoot, browse Pinterest for inspiration or check out my boudoir gallery for ideas. Once you have some inspo for lingerie, outfits, and props then you can start shopping or asking around to borrow things (borrow props not used lingerie!!)

Make sure you try on all your outfits beforehand and talk to your photographer about shots and posing ideas. You definitely want to make your boudoir photographer aware that you are doing a themed shoot so she’s prepared when you come in with giant balloons or your horse trailer!

Boudoir Photographer Reaction

**your boudoir photographer’s reaction when you show up to the shoot with an unexpected idea**

Check out the rest of the images from my sexy pirate-themed boudoir shoot on Pensacola beach in Florida!

Sexy Pirate Themed Boudoir Shoot | Alexandra Jo

Sexy Pirate Boudoir Outfit

Pirate Boudoir Theme Idea

Outdoor Beach Boudoir

Mermaid Inspired Boudoir Shoot

Outdoor beach boudoir at sunset

Themed boudoir shoots are so fun to do and there are so many creative ideas you can try. Although I’ve moved from the coast, and do not shoot as many fashion magazines now, I still love incorporating that high-editorial feel to my client’s boudoir themed shoots.

Over the next year, my VIP group and past clients will all get opportunities to do some really fun, themed boudoir mini sessions!

So, want to do some gorgeous themed boudoir in a pool or get naked on a table with sushi covering your lady bits a la Samantha on Sex And The City? I’ve got you! I can’t wait to laugh and have fun with you during your boudoir session.

Have ideas for a themed boudoir shoot you have been wanting to do? Let me know!

Model: Errin
Hair: Kelly Michelle
Makeup: Eliza George
Hair Adornment: Kelly and Eliza
(set inspired from Boudoir Divas)