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Whether you’ve been married for one year or 10, boudoir photos are a sweet but slightly naughty gift you can surprise your partner with! There’s something that happens when you see your photos together for the first time – it’s empowering, it’s magical, and you fall in love all over again.

That’s what happened when Mrs. T came to do a boudoir shoot as a 10 year wedding anniversary gift for her hubby and she’s letting me share these gorgeous photos with you guys!


Boudoir Anniversary Gift Argyle, TX


Almost every client comes into a boudoir shoot with nerves, but everyone leaves seeing themselves in a better light. Mrs. T came to do a boudoir shoot as a gift for her hubby and ended up with a gift for herself and him!

“Ive never been a very openly provocative person, so when I decided to do a boudoir session to give something sexy to my husband for our 10th anniversary, I knew I would have to step outside my comfort zone. Talking to Alexandra over the phone before my session, she gave me some great tips on where to shop for lingerie and what I could bring from home. When I arrived to her studio, Alex and her team made me feel totally comfortable, despite the anxiety I had walking in. She guided me on how to pose for my body type, and how to “pop that booty”! I never once felt judged or silly or out of place. She helped me harness my confidence and feel sexy in my own skin! When I received my images, I didn’t even care if my husband would like them or not, because the entire experience made me feel like such a beautiful woman!! Thank you SO much, Alexandra, for helping me see that in myself!” – Tricia