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Casual Boudoir Outfit Ideas

Maybe you aren’t the type of girl who loves lingerie for your boudoir session. Or maybe your honey is not a fan of lingerie, but you still want to gift him (or yourself) some boudoir photos minus the lingerie. There is nothing wrong with that, there are so many non-lingerie boudoir options that are perfect for your shoot – like sweaters!

Sometimes the best things to wear for your boudoir shoot can be found in your own closet. One clothing item you probably already have that makes for a perfect casual boudoir outfit is a sweater. In my opinion, a super cozy, oversized sweater is just as sexy as that skimpy lingerie set any day. It’s perfect for a relaxed, girl-next-door vibe. You can wear it alone or layered over your lingerie look.

Here are some of my favorite casual, non-lingerie boudoir sweaters to wear during your session. Plus, how to pick the right sweater to bring to your boudoir session.

Choose A Wide Neck Sweater For Your Boudoir Shoot

A wide scoop neck, off the shoulder, or larger V-neck is a requirement for your boudoir sweater. This allows more room for poses and a little more shoulder action in the photos.

Nude Sweater Casual Boudoir Outfit Idea

Nude Off-The-Shoulder Sweater

PRICE: $20.99 | SIZES: S-2XL

White Bell-Sleeve Sweater | Casual Boudoir Outfit

White V-Neck Sweater

PRICE: $27.99 | SIZES: S-XL

Green Off Shoulder Sweater | Casual Boudoir Outfit

Green Off-The-Shoulder Sweater

PRICE: $19.99 | SIZES: S-2XL

Grey Criss-Cross Back Sweater Casual Boudoir Outfit

Grey Criss-Cross Back Sweater

PRICE: $31.99 | SIZES: S-XL

Select The Right Sweater Length To Compliment Your Body Shape

I would recommend picking a cropped sweater if you want to show a little bit more skin. If you are wanting to hide your tummy area or want a little more conservative boudoir look, I would recommend a longer sweater maybe more of a tunic length, but shorter than a sweater dress.

Mustard Crop Top Sweater - Casual Boudoir Outfit

Mustard Crop Top Sweater

PRICE: $23.99 | SIZES: S-L

Cream Crop Top Sweater - Casual Boudoir Outfit

Cream Crop Top Sweater

PRICE: $29.99 | SIZES: One-Size

BCBGMAXAZRIA crop top sweater - casual boudoir outfit

BCBGMAXAZRIA Lace Crop-Top Sweater

PRICE: $184.96 | SIZES: XS-L

Red Crop Top Sporty Boudoir Outfit

Sporty Red Crop Top Sweater

PRICE: $16.14 | SIZES: S-2XL

Grey Wrap Sweater Dress - Modest Boudoir Outfit

Grey Wrap Sweater Dress

PRICE: $34.99 | SIZES: S-XL

Pick The Right Fabric For Your Boudoir Sweater

For a boudoir shoot, I would recommend wearing a slightly thinner sweater rather than a really chunky weave. Sometimes a chunkier fabric will add weight to you and that’s typically not what women want for their boudoir session. 😜 If you do insist on wearing a thicker sweater then make sure that it can really go off your shoulder or has a larger V-neck, so you do not get swallowed up by the material.

Free People Thermal Sweater - Casual Boudoir Outfit

Free People Thermal Sweater


Free People Cream Sweater - Casual Boudoir Outfit

Free People Cream Sweater

PRICE: $69.50 | SIZES: XS-L

Modest Boudoir vs. Sexy Boudoir Sweater

A boudoir sweater can be modest and Facebook appropriate or it can be a little bit sexier and for his eyes only. If you would like your session to be a little sexier, you might even consider a cardigan. This would allow for a little bit more skin but also has coverage so you don’t feel so exposed. Of course, posing makes the biggest difference no matter what you pick sweater wise, and I will help you in that department! We will also talk before your boudoir session about what type of posing and mood you want.

Free People Cream Cardigan - Modest Boudoir outfit

Free People Cream Cardigan


BB Dakota Leopard Cardigan - Modest Boudoir Outfit

BB Dakota Leopard Cardigan


Grey Ooversized Wrap Sweater - Modest Boudoir Outfit

Grey Oversized Wrap Sweater


Cream Wrap Sweater - Modest Boudoir Outfit

Cream Wrap Sweater


What’s your favorite boudoir sweater style?

Comment below and let me know which sweater you’d pick for your boudoir session!