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Casual Boudoir Outfit Ideas

Maybe you aren’t the type of girl who loves lingerie for your boudoir session. Or maybe your honey is not a fan of lingerie, but you still want to gift him (or yourself) some boudoir photos minus the lingerie. There is nothing wrong with that, there are so many non-lingerie boudoir options that are perfect for your shoot – like sweaters!

Sometimes the best things to wear for your boudoir shoot can be found in your own closet. One clothing item you probably already have that makes for a perfect casual boudoir outfit is a sweater. In my opinion, a super cozy, oversized sweater is just as sexy as that skimpy lingerie set any day. It’s perfect for a relaxed, girl-next-door vibe. You can wear it alone or layered over your lingerie look.

Here are some of my favorite casual, non-lingerie boudoir sweaters to wear during your session. Plus, how to pick the right sweater to bring to your boudoir session.

Choose A Wide Neck Sweater For Your Boudoir Shoot

A wide scoop neck, off the shoulder, or larger V-neck is a requirement for your boudoir sweater. This allows more room for poses and a little more shoulder action in the photos.

Nude Sweater Casual Boudoir Outfit Idea

Nude Off-The-Shoulder Sweater


White Off-The-Shoulder Sweater


Select The Right Sweater Length To Compliment Your Body Shape

I would recommend picking a cropped sweater if you want to show a little bit more skin. If you are wanting to hide your tummy area or want a little more conservative boudoir look, I would recommend a longer sweater maybe more of a tunic length, but shorter than a sweater dress.

Purple Oversized Sweater- Casual Boudoir Outfit

Free People Lavender Oversized Sweater


Pick The Right Fabric For Your Boudoir Sweater

For a boudoir shoot, I would recommend wearing a slightly thinner sweater rather than a really chunky weave. Sometimes a chunkier fabric will add weight to you and that’s typically not what women want for their boudoir session. 😜 If you do insist on wearing a thicker sweater then make sure that it can really go off your shoulder or has a larger V-neck, so you do not get swallowed up by the material.

Modest Boudoir vs. Sexy Boudoir Sweater

A boudoir sweater can be modest and Facebook appropriate or it can be a little bit sexier and for his eyes only. If you would like your session to be a little sexier, you might even consider a cardigan. This would allow for a little bit more skin but also has coverage so you don’t feel so exposed. Of course, posing makes the biggest difference no matter what you pick sweater wise, and I will help you in that department! We will also talk before your boudoir session about what type of posing and mood you want.

What’s your favorite boudoir sweater style?

Comment below and let me know which sweater you’d pick for your boudoir session!