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how to gift your boudoir photos. Alexandra Jo shares 8 ways to gift your boudoir images to your loved one.

How to Gift Your Boudoir Photos

You have decided to do a boudoir photo session for you, but also as a gift for your loved one! Yay! There are SO many ways to use your boudoir photos over an extended amount of time, but one question I get asked all the time is, HOW? What are you supposed to do with your images? How can you gift your boudoir photos in a meaningful and fun way?  I love helping each of find the perfect way to gift for your loved one. At our studio, every print package includes digitals and albums, so gifting an album is normally the most simple & popular way to share your photos initially. But, of course not the only way at all! I love coming up with fun ways to gift your images initially, but also ways to use your boudoir images over & over! (Gifting Tip: a lot of my brides will split their photos into sections and make multiple books or gifts out of one photo session! I can help with this when we are planning!)

8 Amazing ways to Gift your Boudoir Images:

  1. On the night before the wedding or event,  hide your album under his pillow or on his bed. Don’t forget to write a love letter in the binding of your book!
  2. On your wedding day, when you do your first look, exchange gifts between just the two of you. This is a great time to gift him a discrete album! (Plus your wedding photographer can capture his face when he opens it!! :P)
  3. On the night of your honeymoon or a hotel date night, leave the boudoir book where your spouse can find it with a cheeky note attached to the cover. You can slip into something sexy in the other room when your loved one “finds” it! Remember your boudoir session with me includes lingerie you get to keep from our lingerie store!
  4. If you did a strip tease “sequence” in your boudoir session, print wallets of each image and have them in the hallway in a row leading to the bedroom!
  5. Text your loved one (1) tame, but suggestive image letting them know that a surprise waiting when they arrive home! It’s a great way to build some excitement for the gift itself.
  6. Leave it on the seat of your loved one’s car before work. Or, if you have keys to the car, sneak it into his car while your loved one is busy at work, so the boudoir album can be found it right after work.
  7. If he works from home, drop off lunch + the album and a little note that you hope it helps his workday!  (A mini desk calendar may be a another great gift for a loved one who works from home!)
  8. Take one of your large prints and discretely place it in the closet or bathroom where your loved one can see it.

What boudoir gifting idea do you like the best? Or let me know you plan to gift your boudoir photos to your loved one below!

“An amazing Boudoir experience!! It was my first time, so I was extremely nervous and Alex made me feel so comfortable. I had so much fun and my husband is obsessed with how the photos turned out! Definitely will be doing it again.”

– Amanda

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